Ryerson University was created in 1948 and the institution’s motto says “Mint and Artificial” in Latin meaning “With mind and dexterity.”. However, in 2017, the institution was approved to create a school of law focused on social justice and innovation by the Federal Law Societies of Canada.

Ryerson University offers over 60 programs and contains up to 45,000 graduate students, 2,950 postgraduates, and over 12,000 continuing education students. Currently, the institution ranks 4th among the University of Ontario and 10th In Canada, students enrolled.

Study Field – Courses/Programs

University programs

  • Accounting and Finance (BComm)
  • Space Engineering (BEng)
  • Architectural Sciences (BArchSc)
  • Arts and Contemporary Studies (BA (Hons))
  • Biology (BSc (Hons))
  • Biomedical Engineering (BEng)
  • Biomedical Sciences (BSc (Hons))
  • Business Management (BComm)
  • Business Technology Management (BComm)
  • Chemical Engineering Cooperation (BEng)
  • Chemistry (BSc (Hons))
  • Child and Youth Care (BA)
  • Engineering (BEng)
  • Computer Engineering (BEng)
  • Computer Science (BSc(Hons))
  • Creative Industries (BA)
  • Criminology (BA (Hons))

Postgraduate programs

  • Accounting (PMDIP)
  • Aerospace Design Management (PMDIP)
  • Aerospace Engineering (MASc, MEng, PhD)
  • Architecture (Mars)
  • Biomedical Engineering (MASc, MEng, PhD)
  • Biomedical Physics (MSc, PhD)
  • Construction Science (MASc, MSc, PhD)
  • Chemical Engineering (MASc, MEng, PhD)
  • Child and Youth Care (MA)
  • Construction Engineering (MASc, MEng, PhD)
  • Communication and Culture (MA, PhD) – Joint Programme with the University of York
  • Computer Networks (MASc, MEng)
  • Computer Science (MSc, PhD)
  • Criminology and Social Justice (MA)
  • Science and Data Analysis (MSc)
  • Dietary (PMDIP)
  • Digital Media (MDM)

Scholarships and Awards

Ryerson University offers scholarships and awards to any student with superior achievement. However, they have scholarships available to both Canadian citizens and international students.

Scholarships available at Ryerson University include the President’s Entry Scholarship, International High School Merit Fellowship, Terence Grier Entry Scholarship, graduate scholarships, and much more. However, their President’s Entry Scholarship is worth CAD 40,000 while the International High School Merit Scholarship is CAD 5,000.

Admission requirements, process, and instructions

First, if you are an international student, I advise you to read to further elaborate on how to obtain a Canadian student visa. Without a study visa, you will not be able to migrate to Canada for study purposes.

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