The Swedish Immigration Lawyer is charged with multiple responsibilities, and the challenges experienced by the Immigration Lawyer require expertise for it to be handled diligently. Migrants face challenges of deportation, inability to obtain work permits, and citizenship with numerous challenges requiring consultation and advice from an immigration lawyer in Sweden. If you are not a citizen or potential immigrant of Sweden, this article reveals the many roles performed by The Swedish Immigration Lawyer.

10 Criteria to Consider Before Choosing an Immigration Lawyer in Sweden

Below are the criteria to consider:

  • Years of work experience
  • The different kinds of immigration issues they can address.
  • Communicate with his or her clients.
  • The rate at which they answer phone calls.
  • The fee with which they charge migrants.

Immigration Lawyer Duties in Sweden

The Swedish Immigration Lawyer performs various tasks and undertakes various tasks which are listed below:

1. Approval and License for Business:

A foreigner intending to start a business in Sweden needs consent and approval before making any progress, the knowledge and assistance of an immigration lawyer in Sweden is required to provide solutions and enable the business plan and ambition of the accessible individual.

2. The purpose of investments by immigrants:

In cases where a foreigner intends to invest in a business, such an individual should seek help and advice from the Immigration Ombudsman, who is knowledgeable and more proficient.

3. European Union treaty rights:

A citizen deprived of his/her right in the EU may seek the services and expertise of an immigration lawyer in Sweden, what is required by the person is to provide the lawyer with the necessary information and the case will be dealt with accordingly.

4. Citizenship:

This is another case that can be resolved and resolved by the Immigration Attorney; Non-entity living in Sweden can apply and obtain citizenship to enable them to participate in the benefits.

5. Sweden’s work permit:

An immigrant who needs a work permit or renewal can contact and consult a Swedish immigration lawyer for assistance when applying to enable the person to obtain a work permit.

6. Family reunion:

Foreigners migrate to Sweden for purposes as diverse as exploration, employment, business, and others leaving their loved ones in their own country. The family can be reunited and also migrate to Sweden as legal and literal migrants.

7. Repatriation:

Migrants who have been repatriated or deported unfairly and illegally can receive assistance from an immigration lawyer in Sweden, meaning that if a citizen is wrongfully deported, it can be viewed and prevented.

8. Litigation

Court cases that arise between migrants, non-citizens, and governments can be resolved and resolved by following proper procedures by the Swedish Immigration Ombudsman.


Sweden’s immigration lawyer can take control of various issues facing migrants, such as dealing with and resolving issues from the illegal deportation of foreigners to establishing business licenses.

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