Can you imagine someone wanting to stay in a country like the Netherlands without a permanent residency in the Netherlands? This can lead to doom, disaster, and devastation for anyone who wants to try it. The Netherlands is a Western Europe with other small Caribbean islands that also speak Dutch. It shares different borders with other countries such as France, Belgium, Germany, and France. This country has four metropolitan cities where business activities are on the rise, and here are Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Utrecht, and The Hague.

The Netherlands’ permanent residence is not free for anyone who wants to get it. Some prices need to be made for this type of residence. This permanent residence allows for someone to have an advantage in obtaining another residence from a country that is part of the European Union. Someone who has lived in the Netherlands for 5 years continuously can apply for this permanent residence. Examples of citizens who can apply for this permanent residency are those from Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein because they are in the same economic zone.

Advantages of obtaining permanent residency in the Netherlands

There are benefits attached to this residence and here are:

1. Indefinite stay in the Netherlands:

An individual can stay in the Netherlands as permanently or throughout life depending on the length the person wants to stay there. Many people have used this as a route to do explorations in the foreign lands where they reside.

2. Freedom in the labor market:

If there is any job opportunity that arises during the stay of the foreigner, that makes him entitled to participate in it.

How to apply for permanent residence in The Netherlands

Any candidate who needs this must fill out an application form online and submit it. To make it more concrete, you need to attach documents as proof.

  • The employment contract shows that the applicant has lived in the Netherlands for 5 consecutive years, and this may also come in the form of a health insurance certificate.
  • The residence documents for those whose countries are members of the European Union.
  • The evidence of pensioners showing that you were employed as a worker in the Netherlands.
  • A valid identification passport.
  • Proof of bank account mirror.
  • A degree as a student of civic integration
  • Sufficient and sustainable funds

This application can be submitted via DigiD. Before someone does this, they must have obtained a temporary residence permit. Despite their application for permanent residence, the temporary one is still valid. A fee will be sent for the amount they have to pay.

Permanent residence fee in the Netherlands

If a citizen is from the same European Union, Switzerland, or Turkey, there is a stipulated fee that they will have to pay which is 57 EUR (63 USD). Then for persons who are not up to 18 years old, their fee is 30 EUR and is approximately (33 USD). There are other fees for those who want to renew their permanent residence and it is still the same tariff for both adults and children.

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