Germany is a country in Europe known for its extensive cultural heritage and is considered a role during the world wars. The site has stunning landscapes, lifestyles, cultures, and a mass of knowledge. In terms of education, there are universities without education for international students. It had turned into one of the preferred destinations based on expanding higher education. Most international students from different parts of the world are making the country their destination hub for further study.

Currently, it has attracted almost 400,000 international students. There are many free universities in Germany for students to receive a quality education with a certificate that can be recognized all over the world. The good about studying in Germany is that most of their universities have low tuition fees and this makes it affordable for students to afford it. In the article, we will see various free universities in Germany

Admission requirements for free universities in Germany

German education has no strict rules when dealing with students seeking admission to a German university. They have a good educational standard, and students are expected to show German language proficiency. Numerous institutions offer language training for their students to speak fluent languages.

List of free schools in Germany

Below are free schooling in Germany:

1. Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich

The institution is a public university located in the city of Munich, Germany. It was founded in 1472. Ludwig Maximilian University is one of the oldest schools in the country. Currently, the school has over 50,000 students who are enrolled in university and is the second largest institution by student enrollment in Germany.

It can boast over 18 faculties and the school offers a range of courses for students. Students who are studying English-related courses have a range of courses they can study. However, students are expected to show that they are fluent in German. There is no tuition fee, but students are expected to pay a fee to cover the various costs.

2. University of Heidelberg

This is a public think tank located in the city of Germany’s southwest region. This is part of free tuition universities in Germany for both citizens and international students from different countries. It was founded in 1836 and is one of the oldest institutions in the country. The school can boast 12 main faculties and over 100 study disciplines.

The main language used by teachers at school is German. There are various courses in English for international students. They have a high-quality education and have also received several Nobel laureates. Students from over 173 countries have been admitted to the institution; The school fees are free of charge.

3. University of Tbinsen

It is a well-known university involved in conducting research and is located in the city of Tbiningen. It was founded in 1477 and has gained popularity as one of the free universities in Germany. It is part of the German University of Excellence. The University of Tbiningen is a globally recognized center for students to conduct research in fields as diverse as theology, medicine, philosophy, law, and other fields. The school has over 7 faculties of study and tuition fees are free for students.

4. TU Dresden

This is one of the free universities in Germany and also includes various research. It was founded in 1828. Over 35,000 students are enrolled in the school and it is part of the 10 largest institutions in Germany and the TU9 collective of German institutes. It will surprise you to know that it has been ranked as part of the best educational universities in Germany.

There are 14 faculties in institutions such as architecture, law, medicine, environmental science, business, medicine etc. The university is ranked part of the 150 to 200 institutions in the world. Furthermore, it has multiple connections and attracts over 1000 students from different parts of the world.

5. University of Stytgart

The University of St. Petersburg is a research institution in the southern part of Germany. It happens to be the oldest university of technology and was founded in 1829, and gives a detailed focus on fields such as engineering and technology. Currently, the school has over 30,000 students who are enrolled in the institution. It has gained popularity globally as one of the free universities in Germany.

There are many courses such as processing engineering, aerospace engineering, automotive engineering, and others. These courses have enabled the institution to gain an extraordinary reputation. As a student whose country is a member of the European Union, they are exempt from paying tuition fees.

6. Technical University of Munich

The school is located in Munich and is a public think tank. He is a tu9 member of German institutes with over 40,000 students. It is part of the largest institutes operating in different areas in Germany with campuses in Heilbronn, Freising, Garching and others in Dover, Singapore.

The school’s academics are being distributed to these different campuses. In addition to being one of the best and most free universities in Germany, it is recognized as the leading university in the field of technology in Europe. It is ranked as part of the world’s 100 best universities with over 10,000 students from other countries around the world.

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