There are different chef jobs in Canada as long as you’re qualified with great experience for the job. You need to have some form of expertise in this particular area. The word chef is derived from the French word chef de cuisine. A chef is expected to be good at cooking numerous foods, but also in various culinary tasks. Chefs are not only certified but also undergo some training to get more knowledge.

This profession is important and is required in the main organizations such as Hotels, health organizations, companies, institutions, etc. This has made their services necessary in the world and different countries. If you’ve been thinking about working as a chef in Canada; This article provides vital information on the requirements needed for a job as a chef. We’ll see the difference between a chef and a female chef.

Difference between chef and chef

A chef is someone regarded as a professional chef who is responsible for all meals in a hotel or restaurant. This individual must have passed some form of codified training in the following ways like culinary schools, or working in a restaurant for several years with deep experience. The word “Chef” indicates some degree of professionalism because it deals with meal management.

On the other hand, a chef is a person who is in the business of cooking food in the restaurant. They are under the command of the kitchen boss, in the sense that whatever food recipe the chef puts out to use is what they’ll use. Some people like to excuse themselves as ‘chef’ simply because their meal tastes excellent in their taste buds. To be able to be a cook in Canada, you need to understand the hierarchy of a kitchen.

The Hierarchy of Chief Jobs in Canada

Below are the hierarchy of chef jobs in Canada:

  • Executive Chef
  • Kitchen and Kitchen
  • Chefs of the Kitchen
  • Line Cooks
  • New chef/commissioner
  • The Interns

1. Chief executive:

This is the individual who is responsible for the supervision of all the staff, creates the menu of food, and also oversees the management side of things in a restaurant. They are seen as figureheads and other people stand at their command.

2. Chef kitchen:

These people are responsible for food in restaurants or smaller kitchens. They can also act as executive chef when dealing with a restaurant with different locations. It’s the job of the chef kitchen to give daily reports to chief executives based on events in the kitchen.

3. Sous Chefs:

They act as managers inside a restaurant or a kitchen. The main things they are involved with are handling multiple kitchen bills, and inventory, ensuring the kitchens are maintained well, and checking the quality of the food before coming to customers.

4. Line Cooks:

These people are responsible for a particular segment or part of the kitchen. These are your poisoners (fish chefs), garden managers (cold food preparation), entremètiers (vegetable soup cooks), rôtisseurs (meat cookers), and many others.

5. Young Chefs/Commissa:

They work hand-in-hand with line cooks to assist them in carrying out different tasks. They are still undergoing training or have just finished culinary school to join the line school for more vocational training.

6. Stagiaires:

These are students who practice and are given small tasks to keep them inside the kitchen, such as peeling potatoes, chopping onions, mixing peppers, etc.

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