Agent Orange is a Sativa-dominant hybrid known for its orange, spicy taste that delivers a potent cocktail of Sativa effects. New users should be aware that the cerebral effects of this strain have been called “almost trippy”. A strong sense of euphoria, which raises the user’s mood and produces a strong fuzzy disconnect from reality, is typical. The happy feeling users experience on this strain may be accompanied by a mild body-numbing effect. Users should be prepared for a strong attack of the munchies although snacks do not need to be on-hand because of the energy Agent Orange generates.


HP, Ounce, Pound, QP

4 reviews for Agent Orange

  1. John Doe

    It gives a relaxing feeling

  2. Franck

    This is the best most cleanest bud you will ever smoke. I have been coming here for a couple years and the quality has always beed amazing! The staff are fricking awesome!! I am big on customer service Good Weed definitely has the best in the business running that place. So what are you waiting for? Get over there and try it. You will never go to another dispensary again. You’ll see

  3. Hov

    The flower is to die for

  4. Jane

    very good tasting weed and it’s so clean. great flower. downfall its 220. dollars an ounce

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